Praise For Joint Force Leadership

"An intense view into key leadership techniques that quickly translate into business solutions. An easy to read companion that is useful across all levels of leadership. Demarest and McGinnis bring valuable experience from diverse environments. A must-have for every office bookshelf."

-- Jesse Dauphinee, Director, Global Head of Training and Communications for City Security & Investigative Services (CSIS)

A Powerful Guide

To An Elite Leadership Journey

Leadership is about people, pure and simple, and on the right training ground can be taught and learned.

With a combined 50+ years of military service, we’re both products of some of the best leadership laboratories anywhere: United States military service academies. As a U.S. Navy SEAL and graduate of the U.S. Air Force Fighter Weapons School, we’ve learned elite processes and tools used to build leaders from the ground up.

But that alone isn’t enough. In focusing on serving others through our combined military and corporate experiences, we then developed a compass for instilling leadership strategies in the lives of those we’ve worked with. And this is what we bring to the table for you, the reader, to help you become the leader you’ve always wanted to be.

This book serves as a foundational framework for leadership led by example in stories of battles and victories in our military experiences as a U.S. Navy SEAL and Air Force Fighter Pilot, as well as business and corporate engagements. It’s time tested and steadfast in building the leadership skills needed to navigate today’s choppy waters using focus, trust and communication as a foundation.

Our intent is to provide simple, practical, time, battle and board room tested tools you can use right now to improve your leadership skills. Within the stories and teachings in this book, you’ll answer simple questions and identify ways in which you can more effectively step into leadership roles and strengthen your resolve in your daily life. This transformational process can begin on day one, and with consistency and effective effort, will last a lifetime.

By experiencing impactful events through our eyes that led to understanding the value of these key elements in leadership and relationships with others, we are certain this book will help you to navigate the challenges and opportunities of your lifelong leadership journey.

who is joint force leadership for?

executives and managers

Looking to gain a strategic advantage and lead by example


Focusing on growth and ready to gain a hidden advantage

military front-line

Seeking to rise to victory and take the lead


Devoted to the highest level of success through leadership development

military enthusiasts

Purposeful in their approach to developing success in life


Intent on providing positive direction and sustained personal growth to their families


Seeking to improve their relationships in life and business, and ready to finally get ahead

What People Are Saying...

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Great book with clean, quick and mission/time proven lessons on leadership and operational excellence. Loved the real life examples/stories throughout (highly entertaining). Focus, Trust, Communicate. Lot of wisdom packed into this short book. Highly recommend the read.

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A great quick, easy read. Boots & McGinnis use their own personal experiences to drive home military leadership principles that offer a new perspective on business leadership styles. The stories they tell are funny, unique, and make their advice a down-to-earth yet set larger-than-life example. Highly recommend for a new take on business leadership strategy and style!

meet the authors

Jim "Boots" Demarest

Brigadier General Jim "Boots" Demarest is a leading authority and consultant in the business world on leadership and uniting people of different backgrounds and experiences through strategic planning and execution.

A former active-duty F-15 Fighter Pilot, and graduate of the Air Force Academy as well as the Fighter Weapons School program, Jim also graduated from Cornell Law School and served as a commercial litigation attorney as well as a partner at a national law firm in Naples.

Eventually finding his way back to the military to serve as a JAG in the Florida Air National Guard, Jim continues to speak professionally and consult for Fortune 500 businesses in a variety of specialized niches, as well as sports organizations such as SuperBowl winning NFL teams.

Mark McGinnis

Commander Mark McGinnis is a recognized leadership expert in the sports and business worlds. As a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, and utilizing his 24 years of experience as a leader in military Special Operations as a former U.S. Navy SEAL, Mark serves as a business strategist and leadership consultant as well as managing director and co-founder of his nonprofit, the SEAL Legacy Foundation.

An in-demand speaker for Fortune 500's as well as pro and college sports teams, Mark also has experience as a Regional Sales Director for a Fortune 500 company.

His unique approach to leadership with an emphasis on elite performance, focusing on doing the hard tasks now and the impossible in a bit more time, has led him to consult with college and professional athletes and teams, Fortune 500 organizations and Global 2,000 business leaders.